Welcome to Lisa Hatch Millinery, a boutique millinery based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I create unique hats for occasions of all sorts and seasons: weddings, the races, cocktail parties or errands about town.

My hat designs begin with either a traditional, hand-carved hat block, which imparts a size and shape to the hat, or with freeform techniques that involve folding, twisting and bending a wide range of materials into one-of-a-kind designs. To these sculptures I add decorative embellishments collected from around the world.

My designs are the product of a lifetime inspired by art and fashion and embellished by travel. Some of my hats begin with a complete vision and others find their form during the process of creation. Many of my favorite designs are born through cooperation with a customer who has an occasion for which to dress or simply the desire to have fun.

To learn more about my hats and to inquire about custom commissions, please contact me.